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Aislinn Offline

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24.09.2004 12:57
RE: What mystical creature are you? antworten

[tabel]Take the quiz: "What mystical creature are you?"

Faery 1
Smart, and gorgeous they have beautiful wings and live all over the world. They are known for the enginuety and skill in all things. Under the gidence of their queen, they store and hunt for foods. As a cumminty, they live underground in hollowed out hills.[/tabel]

Deathgrinder Offline

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24.09.2004 13:15
#2 RE: What mystical creature are you? antworten

Your Results:
Faery 2
Mischevious, and tempramental, these faeries live a lone in the open plans. They aree known for their love of games and spirited play. Jumping from plant to plant they help spread seeds. Thier friends are the butterflys and dragon flys that chase them around. Their beauty if like the flower, bluming in the spring and forever remebered over the long cold winter

Fortuna Offline

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24.09.2004 21:14
#3 RE: What mystical creature are you? antworten

Your Results:
These creatures are smart and playful. They love the water and have beautiful voices. Some have been known to catch the careless wanderer. They have been spotted by sailers for many years, great sea creatures that have the tops of humans and the tails of fish. They are beilived to be pure myth, but from every great myth there was a grain of truth.

ach... ich fand Arielle (wird das so geschrieben...?) schon immer toll

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